Our Team

In case you have a general inquiry, feel free to contact us on support@sw-virtual.eu!

Jan Podlipský
Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for all Virtual Airline operations, recruiting staff members, and coordination between departments.

Radim Lísal
Flight Operations Director

Responsible for leading and coordinating the Flight Operations department, which consists of Fleet, Timetable, Validations, Chief Pilot, and Routes.

Vojta Pokorný
Public Relations Director

Responsible for the Virtual Airline PR department, including social networks, communicating with members and 3rd parties.

Responsible for supervising Virtual Airline events.

Jakub Kolář
Chief Pilot
Validations Manager

Responsible for the correct evaluation of Virtual Airline PIREPs and for determining the validations policy.

Responsible for the pilot training and SOP.

Dalibor Kotek
Public Relations Assistant

Responsible for coordinating and organization of Virtual Airline events.

Borek Stěhule
Timetable Manager
Routes Manager

Responsible for managing the Virtual Airline’s timetable.

Responsible for maintaining route database, and its continuous update.

Tomáš Kulhavý
Livery Creator

Responsible for the creation of liveries.

Tomáš Mráz
Fleet Manager

Responsible for the management of the Virtual Airline’s fleet.

Martin Cambel
Livery Creator

Responsible for the creation of liveries.

Ondřej Růžek
Timetable Assistant

Assistant of the Timetable Manager.